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DoNotes Nexus is here! What's new?

By Suleman

In this blog post, we talk about what's new about DoNotes Nexus and new features to come. We will also explain how to use DoNotes Nexus Edition

Welcome to DoNotes Nexus edition

Hi! I'm Suleman, Founder of DoNotes, and I'm really excited to share with you all the latest update to DoNotes: Nexus edition.

What is DoNotes Nexus edition?

DoNotes has been around since November 2021, and while it started as a side-project, it's quickly become a highly sophisticated note-taking web app. DoNotes Nexus is an endeavour to expand DoNotes to be so much more. As explained later, we will be involving the community more than ever before to make DoNotes the ultimate student platform. Aside from all these awesome new missions, we also wanted to improve the existing note-taking experience, and that is why we completeley re-designed the entire site from the ground-up. However, we're not done yet, DoNotes Nexus is still in the latter stages of its Public BETA program, so expect more features to come soon!

The new note editor:

The new editor is designed to be much easier to use, with all the buttons now residing in the top bar. You can now customise your pen from the top menu which increases efficiency. We have also made it so that you can seamleassly switch between selecting and typing mode by clicking on drawings or pictures and clicking on text.

The new DnDrive

The new DnDrive is now aesthetically pleasing, with an easy-to-read file size and date modified. We also have folders to help compartmentalise files (renaming folders is WIP). Files also have icons based on their file type, and you can upload multiple files at once.


With the new calander, you can add tasks to any day of the week, and navigate between weeks to set tasks in the future!


One of the new features of DoNotes Nexus edition is chores, with chores, you can add daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks to complete!

Subjects and modules:


Subjects and modules are a great way to organise your notes, create subject folders, and then fill these subjects with all the modules related to your course, then create notes for those modules


Profiles are another new feature in DoNotes, create your own custom catchphrase, bio and profile picture!

Upcoming features:

We are working on implementing the following features:


With the advent of Nexus edition, we're thrilled to announce tons of new features, including:

We've also made loads of internal changes that will help improve efficiency and ease for you, the user:

As we have changed most of our systems, there are a few things to be aware of: