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Meet the new DoNotes

By Suleman

DoNotes is moving house, get ready for greatness!

Meet the new DoNotes - A Transformative Upgrade for the Future

This article is now outdated. DoNotes is now entering v8, stay tuned to learn more!



In the ever-evolving world of technology, change is not just an option; it's a necessity. At DoNotes, we have always strived to provide you with a dynamic and efficient note-taking experience. To further elevate our services, we are thrilled to announce a major transformation that will redefine how you take notes, collaborate, and organize your digital life. We proudly present DoNotes Codename: NeoNexus, the future of note-taking.

The Birth of NeoNexus


DoNotes Nexus, our previous platform at, has been a crucial part of our journey. But, in our relentless pursuit of excellence, we realized that we needed to rebuild from the ground up. NeoNexus was conceived as the ideal evolution of DoNotes Nexus, correcting past shortcomings and introducing groundbreaking features.

A Fresh Start

One of the remarkable aspects of NeoNexus is its clean slate. We've completely rebuilt the platform, leaving only a single line of code from the original DoNotes. This fresh start has allowed us to develop a more robust, efficient, and user-friendly system that caters to your needs more effectively than ever before.

Real-Time Collaboration

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One of the standout features of NeoNexus is its real-time collaboration capability. With this innovation, users can seamlessly work together on projects, share ideas, and make edits in real-time, fostering efficient and productive teamwork. No more waiting for document updates or sending endless emails – NeoNexus brings your team together, virtually, like never before.

Live Whiteboards (Coming Soon)

Innovation never stops at DoNotes. We understand the importance of visual communication and brainstorming. That's why we're excited to announce that live whiteboards are on their way to NeoNexus. Soon, you'll be able to sketch, visualize ideas, and collaborate on a virtual whiteboard with your colleagues, making NeoNexus the perfect tool for creative professionals and teams.

A Sleek and Intuitive User Interface

We understand the value of a great user interface. NeoNexus boasts a modern, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing design that enhances the user experience. Navigating through your notes, folders, and collaborations is now more intuitive and visually appealing, making your work more enjoyable and efficient.

Unlimited Folders

Do you ever feel restricted by the limited organization options of your current note-taking platform? NeoNexus is here to solve that problem. We are proud to offer unlimited folders, allowing you to categorize and sort your notes in a way that makes the most sense to you. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to seamless organization.

Dumbledore quotes

Each new now now replaces the generic 'A new note awaits...' text with a more fun Dumbledore quote

The Road Ahead

Currently, NeoNexus is in the BETA stage, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure a smooth and reliable experience. We want to make sure it lives up to your expectations, and we appreciate your feedback during this phase.

End of Life for

As we pave the way for a brighter future with NeoNexus, we also have to bid farewell to our older platform, It is expected to reach its end of life in November 2023, with the old servers completely shutting down early in 2024.

Migration System

To ensure a seamless transition for all our users, we are diligently working on a migration system that will enable you to transfer your data and notes from DoNotes Nexus to NeoNexus. Rest assured, your valuable information will not be lost during this process.

In Conclusion

DoNotes Codename: NeoNexus represents a monumental leap in note-taking technology. With real-time collaboration, live whiteboards (coming soon), an elegant user interface, and unlimited folders, NeoNexus is shaping up to be the note-taking platform you've always dreamt of. As we move forward, we look forward to your continued support and feedback, which will help us refine and perfect this revolutionary platform. The future is bright, and NeoNexus is leading the way. Stay tuned for a note-taking experience like no other.